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Manual installation tool
Manual Tools

The Recoil manual insert installation tool is the most practical and simple to use for general applications. This tool may be used to install 1D through to 3D length inserts, but care must be taken to ensure that the adjustable collar is correctly set to suit the particular type and length of the Recoil insert. If the collar is incorrectly set, the insert will not drive properly and the tool may slip off the tang as the insert enters the hole.

For general use, the collar should be adjusted such that the insert tang is positioned mid-way along the slot with the insert coils compressed. This will allow the insert free movement to suit the parent material thread pitch during installation. If the installation tool is used to break off the tang, then it must be lifted clear of the insert following installation and replaced into the insert at 90 degrees to its drive position. This ensures that the tool is correctly placed on the insert tang. Tap the tool sharply downward to produce a clean tang break.

Note: The manual installation tool is not recommended for the installation of locking inserts.

Note: Recoil manual tools are not recommended for use with other brands of wire thread inserts.


Suitable for:

  • General thread strengthening & repair applications
  • 0.5D – 3D length insert installation