Recoil prides itself in delivering top quality products and services to manufacturers and first tier suppliers in a range of demanding industries such as Automotive and Aerospace. Our experience in these industries means we understand the requirements and processes involved and can meet these expectations with exceptional results.

Alcoa Fastening Systems are committed to the highest quality products and operating systems and employs a strict quality management system in accordance with:

  • AS9100 accreditation
  • ISO9001 accreditation
  • QS9000 accreditation
  • Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) TS 157 approval
  • Civil Aviation Authority Australia
  • Ford Q1

High quality standards demand that every batch of inserts is subjected to multiple visual, dimensional, and functional checks at predetermined intervals throughout the production process, using the latest high-precision test equipment.

Alcoa Fastening Systems will provide technical assistance to production engineers so that optimum installation efficiency can be achieved and maintained.

Recoil brand inserts are manufactured to the following capability standards:

  • NASM122076 Series - Free Running - UNC
  • NASM124651 Series - Free Running - UNF
  • NASM21209 Series - Locking
  • NASM8846
  • BS7751 - Metric - Coarse
  • BS7752 - Metric - Fine
  • BS7753
  • MA3279,MA3280,MA3281 - Metric - Free Running
  • MA3329,MA3330,MA3331 - Metric - Self Locking
  • AS6733 Series - UNF - Unplated
  • AS8455 Series - UNF - Cadmium Plated
  • AGS3600 Series - UNF - Cad.Plated - Self Locking
  • AGS3700 Series - Nimonic Alloy 90 - Self Locking
  • General Electric - C981, N926 Series
  • LN 9499, LN 9039
  • DIN 8140