Recoil inserts - finishes and coatings

The Recoil team views the selection of coatings and lubricants as vital to the design process and integral to the long term security of every bolted joint.

The ideal finish or coating for each insert depends upon the optimum coefficient of friction and the required service conditions of the assembled parts. These include temperature, chemical influences, humidity, surface coating and dust.

  • Silver Plating
    Primarily used to reduce the effects of screw thread seizure in high temperature applications.
  • Coloured Dye
    Red, blue and green colour dyes are available for fast and secure visual inspection and identification. These organic resin based dyes do not affect the installation or function of the inserts and normally do not need to be removed.
  • Dry Film Lubricants
    Used for mildly corrosive or high temperature applications, dry film lubricants are applied as a thin film (5µm - 20µm) to grease-free metal surfaces.