Recoil® Tangless Inserts

Recoil Tangless inserts are designed to offer the same reliable thread strengthening whilst minimizing the risk of losing a ‘tang’ associated with tanged inserts. Generally, wire thread inserts use a small, piece of material at the bottom of the insert to provide a catching point for the installation tooling, making installation possible. The tang is broken off and removed after installation.

Tangless inserts, however, can be installed without the use of a tang using specialised tooling and an installation notch on the bottom coil of the insert. The absence of a tang eliminates the risk of the metal tang falling into safety critical applications such as engines or electronic equipment.

Metric Tangless inserts are designed to replace tanged helical coil inserts as specified in MA3279 through MA3281 (standard thread) and MA3329 through MA3331 (locking thread). They install in standard STI tapped holes per MA1567. Installed inserts provide a finished thread meeting the requirements of FED-STD-H28, M Profile, Tolerance Classes 4H or 5H, as well as ISO metric thread specifications, and accept standard or MJ profile bolts or screws.

Recoil Tangless inserts are available in free-running, screw-locking and strip-feed varieties.