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Tang Break Tools
Tang Break Tools

Tang break off tools are available in hand, semi-automatic spring type and pneumatic. The spring loaded and pneumatic tang break tools are recommended for removal of tangs in production applications. For large diameter fine thread inserts, e.g. M18-1.5 and above, 3/4-16 and above, the use of long nose pliers is an alternative method to break the tang.

Manual Tang Break Tool
The simple Recoil manual tang removal tool is suitable for low volume tang removal and is used for insert sizes up to 1/2" or M12. On larger sizes the multipurpose Recoil installation and tang break tool should be used.

Spring Loaded Tang Break Tool
Spring loaded tang break tools offer effective removal of insert tangs and are suited from medium to large insert usage. Being spring loaded this tool requires no external power source and is suitable for tang removal on insert sizes up to 1/2" or M12.

Pneumatic Tang Break Tool
The pneumatic tang break tool is designed for high volume applications where rapid, effortless tang removal is required on insert sizes up to 3/4" or M20.

Extraction Tool
Should inserts need to be removed, the use of the Recoil extraction tool is recommended. Extraction tools are simple and easy to use and leave no trace on the application material.