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Technical Information

Recoil gauges 1/2" M12 and below have at least a .0002" or 5um wear allowance on the Go nib. Gauge handle and all gauge nibs are marked with the extreme product limits for particular size and class of fit. Where precision is required, 3B gauges should be used. When using locking inserts, 3B gauges should be used as close precision is required.

Thread gauging is recommended wherever precision threads are required. The quality of the tapped hole which accommodates the insert determines the finished size and hole quality after the insert has been installed. If the finished tapped hole gauges satisfactorily, the installed insert will be within the thread tolerance. Recoil gauges measure the tapped hole to ensure optimum insert performance once installed.

Fits and Tolerances

Recoil gauges are supplied for two different classes of fit (tolerances).These are close and medium tolerance.
Gauges are used to check the pitch diameter of the tapped hole; the “NoGo” end of the gauge checks the pitch diameter is not too large and the “Go” end checks the pitch diameter is not too small.